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The excitement never ends when it comes to the world of cryptocurrency. Most of the major coins are in decline, and the market is mostly in red today. Is the bubble finally bursting?

Nearly all of 20 top cryptocurrencies fell in value over the last 24 hours, with the exception of NEO and Monero. In the past 10 days, this is the third big fall in valuation. Many wonder if the decline is triggered by the news that China will expedite the crackdown on cryptocurrency trading and a censorship will be put in place. Maybe.

In the midst of trilateral talks between China, Pakistan and Afghanistan, Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi has remarked that Kabul could become an important part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) — the flagship project of China’s larger Belt and Road Initiative to control trade in Asia and the Indian Ocean.

Launched in 2013 as “one belt, one road”, the Initiative involves China underwriting billions of dollars of infrastructure investments — roads, rail routes, oil pipelines —  in countries along the old Silk Road linking it with Europe. The ambitious project, when completed, will span 68 countries across 4 continents and will touch 60% of the world’s population.