#SpotlightOnIndia: This Temple Was Moved Brick-By-Brick From Under A Reservoir!


The Venugopala Swamy Temple near Mysore has been through a lot. Constructed nearly 800 years ago during the Hoysala Empire’s rule in South India, it actually had to be completely moved and reconstructed in the last twenty years!

The story starts in 1909 when the colonial government decided to build the KRS Dam near the temple site. By the 1930, the nearby village of Kannambadi was completely submerged, but the temple still managed to stick out once in a while when the reservoir level dropped.

Finally, after 70 years of being underwater, a privately funded organisation set about restoring the building on to dry land. Brick-by-brick, they carefully marked, moved and rebuilt the historic temple. By 2011, the temple had been fully reconstructed.

Zafar Mehdi heads out on the latest episode of #SpotlightOnIndia to discover one of India’s youngest and oldest tourist destinations.

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