The 10 Most Affordable, Underrated Eateries in Bangalore(+1 bonus!)



At a time when eating out means nothing less than a few thousands, and the heart nearly skips a beat when the bill arrives, these affordable, underrated options are a blessing to the foodies!

  1. Eat me up, Koramangala

This new age eatery offers you a range of cuisines from Dal chawal with crispies to a Pepper Chicken Steak, all at super affordable prices! Don’t miss the scooter seats and the funky food quotes on the walls. The music is decent and you could entertain yourself with a game of cards as well!


  1. Sagar Deluxe Restaurant, Ulsoor:

Now before you scrunch your nose up at the mention of the “Sagar”, let me assure you that the purely vegetarian North Indian food in this particular outlet is something that will make you want more. The seating is basic and service efficient. If Naan curry is the calling, give this one a shot!


  1. Chung Wah:

With Chinese cuisine either being dished out of woks on the roadside or served for a premium at a Mainland China, the mid segment eateries stand forgotten. Chung Wah – a place that has been around since the time Chinese restaurants initially came to Bangalore serves delectable food to satiate that Chinese craving without burning a hole in the pocket.

  1. VV Puram food street:


This one’s a must try for all the foodies in Namma Bengaluru. The food street comes alive at night and offers a wide array of options. Keep that tummy grumbling when you head here and definitely indulge.

Watch the best of VV Puram here

  1. Market table, Koramangala:

A place we discovered accidentally and instantly turned a favourite, Market table offers mouth-watering Continental and Mediterranean cuisine at extremely inexpensive prices. The décor is tastefully done with metal and ropes. The most interesting part was the small logs of wood to stick the bill in. JJ


  1. Saravana Bhavan, Ibrahim Sahib Street:

The place started out as a small push cart that used to be called Madurai Idli, and was eventually upgraded to a restaurant called Saravana Bhavan. The outdoor stall is still the one that garners the crowds. Be sure to try the idlis and the onion uthappam. Watching him liberally pour the ghee onto the uthappam is bound to cause some guilt pangs. But go for it anyway, and while here, also walk up to try the Masala thums-up at the Narayan pillai street junction! Yummy!



  1. Truffles Ice & Spice, St. Marks Road:

It shares a bit of Bangalore history and serves the most awesome burgers you can ever hope to lay your hands on! Ice & Spice has dished out yummy burgers and desserts to Bangaloreans much before the various Mc. Donalds outlets sprung up. The ambience is casual and the menu pocket friendly. Boy, are we glad they survived!!


  1. Garam Naram Dhaba, Ulsoor:

A tucked away, no frills authentic Punjabi eatery near the Ulsoor Gurudwara. Run by a sardar family, the place is a go-to for authentic Punjabi rotis, Butter chicken and rajma. If 5 star service or ambience are your thing, this is not a place for you. The only thing missing here are the khatiyas. Someday maybe?


  1. Veena Stores, Malleswaram:

This one’s for the die-hard idli chutney fans. One of the oldest stalls in malleswaram, it is common to find people queueing up here to get their hands on the food that does not seem to have changed in quality since its inception 30 years back!


  1. Kerala Pavilion, Domlur:

The place does not look inviting and the misplaced pictures on the wall are that of Pizza bakers, but the place has its taste bang on. From the pinkish spiced warm water to the taste of the Kerala Parota, Kurma to the fish curry, appams and stew- they have aced the Kerala taste!


  1. Chula Chauki da Dhaba:

Not as inexpensive as some of the eateries I’ve mentioned earlier, but it is definitely more affordable than many of the other Punjabi eateries. It’s got a fine dine ambience with melt in the mouth chicken and authentic Punjabi lassi for a very affordable price. Can be an option for a relaxed and affordable family outing.


So go on and indulge your gastronomic side without worrying about the monthly budget! Happy eating!



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