The Bangalore Startup Creating an Army of Drone Pilots



In this episode of #TheBossGame, we talk to Mughilan Thiru Ramasamy, CEO of Bangalore based Skylark Drones.

They initially started the company to make drones for usage in agriculture, mining and other activities. Over the years they have evolved into a drone solutions company. They build solutions for enterprise companies who work with drones. Skylark Drones builds solutions around different types of drones to assist in construction of roads, farm lands, solar panels on roof.

Interestingly, Mughilan and his team is building a huge network of drone pilots across the country. They have so far trained 200 odd people.

“There is a shortage of drone pilots in the country and things will slowly change in the next two years. There are a lot of training institutes and even we are approaching people and training them to become a drone pilot,” says Mughilan.


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