This Indian Entrepreneur is Selling Products on VR in Rural Areas


In this episode of TheBossGame, we talk to Madan Padaki, Co-Founder of Global Alliance for Mass Entrepreneurship. Padaki is a serial entrepreneur who has co founded other startups like RubanBridge and is Managing Trustee of Head Held High Foundation and co founder of Sylvant Advisors.

Padaki says that India is a young country and many students in rural areas do not get adequate facilities for education and moreover, they require skill sets to make them job ready for the next few years.

He has taken the idea of entrepreneurship to the rural areas by using a VR headset to showcase products to villagers. He calls it “Bringing the mall to the last common denominator”

This is being done by his startup RubanBridge which was started in 2016. It uses local entrepreneurs to sell products in the village. It allows people in rural areas to see and buy anything from a phone to a tractor without having to travel long distances.

So far the startup has trained more than 200 people in rural areas of Karnataka.

Similarly, villagers who would want to buy certain products can simply give a miss call to a certain number RubanBridge provides and then a call centre which is run by women employees will call back the number and pass on the order details to the 1Bridge ‘entrepreneur’ on ground.

Padaki calls the concept Rubanomics and plans to increase their customer base to more than 20 million in 2019. Across 1000 villages in India.

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