The Indian Smartwatch That Will Replace Your Debit Card


Bangalore based consumer focused gadget company , Conzumex has created a smart watch named Muse to make NFC based con-tactless payments. The watch does not need a smartphone or internet to activate payments at various shop outlets.

The watch will not only allow consumers to make payments but also track steps, heartbeat, miles ran and analyse the data for the user. Speaking to The Big Scope, Sai Prasanth , Founder , Conzumex says “We have tied up with some banking ecosystem partners to help us take the watch payment model to the masses in India. We have already run some trials in Europe and US and hopefully will launch by December.”

He also points out that the smartwatch will have a battery life of more than 1 year on one charge and will work along with an app on the android and iOS store.

The watch according to him will analyse the data and suggest certain activities based on that. The watch looks at elements like eating habits, fitness goals and accordingly tells the consumer what they should eat and when they should run.

The device is made up off materials like sapphire crystals and is also water resistant. It also claims to track ultraviolet rays and acts as a stop – play button for music on the phone and even control the camera.

Prasanth started the company along with Prathyusha Kamarajugadda and Ajay Yathindra in 2015. Prasanth is an avid mountain climber and even did mountaineering in Africa while working in an internet company there.

They initially launched the company on crowdfunding platform called Indiegogo in 2016 and then got angel funded by Keiretsu forum in 2016. He says that crowdfunding platforms helps product startups like them showcase the ideas and get validation from the local crowd.

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