The School Drop Out Who Became a Cyber Security Entrepreneur in India


In this episode of The Boss Game, we talk to one of the youngest entrepreneurs in India, Manan Shah, CEO of Avalance Global Solutions. It’s a cyber security firm based out of Vadodara.

Shah dropped out of school at a very young age and spent months sitting inside a room learning skills related to hacking. He helped out a lot of companies and police forces in cyber crime cases.

When he dropped out of school, he never told his parents about this decision. He took two years to build his company and gave his parents the surprise one day that he is an entrepreneur.

As his reputation grew, few people invested in his idea and helped him start his own firm. Over the years, he has helped Facebook,WhatsApp , Google along with other departments of government of India in infosecurity.

His firm has also built an anti – piracy software which is being used by leading Bollywood production houses. It helps the entertainment industry fight against online piracy of music and films in India and worldwide

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