This Bangalore Startup Predicts Diseases in Indian Cities


A Bangalore based startup can foresee which diseases might hit India in the near future. It sounds like a Utopian scenario for the healthcare industry in India.

Sigtuple founded by the trio of Rohit Kumar Pandey, Apurv Anand and Tathagato Rai Dastidar has built a Machine Learning based platform which collects, digitizes and analyses medical data such as blood samples, semen, x-rays and gives instant results to patients across India.

Speaking to TheBigScope, Pandey explains the process. A technician sitting in Tier 3-4 towns places blood slide inside their device which immediately scans the samples and sends the data to Sigtuple’s servers.

The data is fed into their Machine Learning program which gives the desired results. The data is also sent to other doctors in their network who work with them to help them out incase algorithms do not give desired results. “We use AI – ML to classify various kinds of issues with white blood or red blood cells, then convert them into numbers for the machine to understand and come up with a report.”

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Pandey points out that smaller towns in India have a bad network of pathology labs and due to the absence of sufficient trained individuals and computing power at these labs, results are not accurate and take time to come. 

He says that initially lot of people smirked at their idea of three engineers creating a healthcare platform. Few even said that what do engineers know about blood tests. But gradually, Pandey says their platform convinced people to share medical data with them as they could quickly give back results.

The startup has raised around $19 million from Accel Partners and IDG ventures and is also in the process of getting a FDA license from United States and expand to other developing countries.


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