This Company Powers Wi-Fi for the Massive Crowds in IPL Matches


Imagine sitting amongst a crowd of seventy thousand people and accessing internet through Wi-Fi throughout the duration of a cricket match. That’s what wireless systems player Ruckus Networks did during IPL 2016 in stadiums across India.

The Bangalore based company after being approached by Reliance, last year, put together a team from across the world and installed BeamFlex, its proprietary technology, which enabled thousands of spectators to access WiFi and yet, never face downtime.

Reliance called the in-stadium Wi-Fi service Jionet which was free to use irrespective of time and data constraints. No wonder people updated all their apps while watching the match inside the stadium. According to a report by BGR, Reliance and Ruckus had created around 600 access points and 1000 access points in large capacity stadiums.

Speaking to TheBigScope, Sudarshan Boosupalli, Country Head India and SAARC, Ruckus Networks says that they had built Wi-Fi platforms for around 8 stadiums in India with dedicated speeds of 5 mbps. 

“We have experience of building this in multiple parts of the world but in India it took time because of regulatory concerns. There was no provisions of building Wi-Fi inside a stadium until 2016 but the authorities at Jio worked with the government to get the required permission,” said Boosupalli.

Boosupalli further states that they had installed sensors in various parts of the stadium depending on the number of people seated there. Their BeamFlex technology allowed the Wi-Fi to reach 30 people at one go.

Ruckus is also working with the government of India to help them improve the last mile connectivity and give better Wi-Fi networks in villages and also create better internet connectivity in places like Taj Mahal. “Our work in the government and in other areas like health care will help us increase our footprints in India and also looking forward to create a manufacturing in India for network based challenges.”


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