This German Company Uses 3D Printing to Help ISRO Launch A Communication Satellite


Germany headquartered EOS, one of the major players in 3D printing companies in the world, is helping ISRO build cheaper and lighter rocket components.

EOS collaborated with Wipro to build Feed Clusters for ISRO, which were used in its GSAT19 communications satellite launched in June 2017. “Our 3D printing capabilities allowed ISRO’s product to be redesigned and be lighter for a reduced payload for space journey,” Prakasam Anand, Country Manager, EOS India.

EOS is a leader in additive manufacturing, the industrial version of 3D printing. Additive manufacturing is used to make some niche items, such as medical implants, and to produce plastic prototypes for engineers and designers.

Anand adds that 3D printing technology is gaining ground in the aerospace industry as 3D printed parts are cost-effective and lower in weight. “The aerospace companies can add more fuel and it takes less time to develop compared to other methods,” explains Anand.

But it has not always been an easy road for EOS in India. Earlier, when they were starting off, for the first 11 months, he could not get a customer in India. But then in September 1999, government owned Central Machine Tool Institute (CMTI) in Bangalore gave them their first contract in India which was the start of their journey in India.


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