This Manipal University Jaipur 4th-year student owns an Aeromodelling startup.


Meet Shubham Agnihotri – an airborne technology and avionics enthusiast. He started this as a hobby and discovered more people in the same field by designing, making aero models and analysis on efferent models. He came up with this idea of continuing his company while studying at the best university in India. MUJ being the most prestigious university in Jaipur as well as in India, He chose this university to pursue his startup dream and also prepare himself for the future by studying in the university for more knowledge and manage both simultaneously. This gave him a platform to teach aero modelling to students in a way that the activity is lucrative as well as informative to the students so that everyone can explore the other dimensions of thinking. At MUJ, many students have been into aeromodelling and are pursuing further to explore the other dimensions in this area for the future. Shubham has a registered store named “Zero Gravity” in Jaipur doing this activity at another level. They usually create the fusion of aerial filming with digital media and handles the match-less product for the clients. MUJ was the first paid client to provide the platform to Zero Gravity as a project. MUJ has been a client to Zero Gravity for the past 4 years for filming their live events using drones. Zero Gravity promotes and supports “Wings Club” activities at MUJ. This club is most recognized in the college.


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