This Startup Connects Patients to providers in India


In this episode of TheBossGame, we talk to Founder of healthcare services portal OurHealthMate who play the role of a digital enabler between patients, doctors and caregivers.

They have partnered with 30,000 doctors who offer 4.50,000 medical services across India and now plan to enter other market such as Philippines, Mexico, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand market in the next few months.

The Singapore based company initially used to target NRIs with their services and then targeted their services towards the corporate sector.  

The company also recently launched an analytics based platform which will help their clients with business intelligence related services. Their platform will provide data analytics of financial and health related data sets.

The healthcare startup also plans to raise Series A capital of around $10 million by the end of 2018 to help them expand to other geographies. Earlier they had raised around $3 million.

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