Brongo uses Technology to Connect Local Real-Estate Brokers and Property Seekers


Bangalore based startup, Brongo, launched in 2018, claims to use Artificial intelligence to help brokers on their platform to close deals quickly and present better properties for real estate customers across India.

Narayan Lal, one of the founders says that brokers are like soldiers on the ground with little access to technology. The startup wants to make sure that brokers have all the tools and data to close the transaction.

“India is a oversupplied real estate market which increases confusion for brokers. Our AI platform helps local brokers get more targeted information about certain areas in cities, customer choices and fluctuation of market rates.”

He says that machine learning will help brokers sell more properties and reduce the shortcomings between consumers and brokers. 

While talking about data crunching to get targeted results for brokers in India, Lal also points out that they do not share customer data like phone number, address with brokers at all. He says that all data is on their platform.

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Brongo was started in 2018 by Narayan Lal, Chaitanya V Cotha and Jay Prakash Pai. One of the founders Narayan Lal, a veteran in investment banking saw the issues faced by brokers. He wanted to help brokers sell most of the properties and not be neglected by customers for commission.

He says that all backgrounds checks are done on the brokers and each customer is allotted a broker in 60 seconds. “We get the commission confirmed to the brokers before they get hold of a end customer and educate them on what’s happening in projects around the area so that they can match their client needs.


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