How Do You Find the Tim Cook to Your Steve Jobs?


Everyone agrees that Steve Jobs was a visionary beyond his time. However, there is a reason why his vision for Apple did not succeed until his return at the end of the 20th century. The arrival of Tim Cook to Apple in 1998 – starting as a senior vice president for worldwide operations and ending up as CEO – helped Jobs be the best version of himself. With the operations side of the company in capable hands, the iconic Apple founder was free to innovate and invent as he desired.

Of course, when talking about leaders like Tim Cook and Steve Jobs, we are talking about generational talents. However, their partnership is a dynamic that can be replicated across companies regardless of their industry or region. Unsurprisingly, a host of human relations-focussed companies have popped up around the globe.

We talk to Amit Agrawal of Gripla Technologies about how his company is helping fill leadership positions across companies of all sizes, to help foster the specific ideals and culture needed for each company. Agrawal quit a cushy job to build his HR tech startup, because he truly believes that the hiring process is wasting a lot of talent.

His product, which uses a multitude of algorithms to pick out the right candidates, is still in the beta phase. Yet, that has not stopped Gripla technologies from helping numerous clients build the right team to bring their own ideas alive.

You can also listen to a podcast of this interview here.


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