UK Move to Exclude Indian Students Just Rhetoric: Ex-Nasscom Chief Chandrashekhar

Indian students will not be impacted by the UK government’s decision to exclude India from relaxed visa norms, said  ex-President of Nasscom and former Telecom secretary R Chandrashekhar who branded such moves as just “rhetoric.”

Earlier in the week, the British government said that it will reduce documentation for Tier 4 student visas for China, Bahrain , Indonesia and Maldives but excluded India.

“Many foreign universities depend on meritorious India students every year and Indian students do not displace the locals in these foreign universities,” said  Chandrashekhar, pointing out that  that universities in UK and US depend on a steady inflow of Indian students and any sudden political move to bar them will result in seats will going vacant in those colleges.

He also dismissed similar moves by other governments as political rhetoric and determined by their own interest.

Earlier according to a EconomicTimes report, UK said that the issue of Indians over-stayers has not been solved by the Indian government. The same report cited that India had earlier signed an MoU to deport illegal Indian migrants before Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a visit to UK earlier this year.

Chandrashekhar also emphasized that India should not try and pitch itself as a pure play hardware startup nation. ” The cost of power and logistics are high in India and we cannot be a viable electronics manufacturing nation.”


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