Building Blocks • Zero Waste Warrior Wilma Rodrigues


The world has a trash problem. We keep extending our waste of material objects – and particularly those that are not biodegradable like plastic – which has landed us in an unsustainable position. Something needs to change.

In steps Wilma Rodrigues. An ex-journalist, she has been fighting to alter this garbage dynamic for nearly two decades in Bangalore and Chennai. Her idea is simple – convince one person at a time to change their habits.

Her organisation – Saahas – has been running for 17 years, and takes it upon itself to help educate and aid the common man in fighting back against unnecessary pollution. In the last few years, their company has also started the Saahas Zero Waste program which helps larger organisations like tech parks clean up their waste.

But what is zero waste? Is it possible? Are we just fighting a losing battle? Does she ever give up living in a city that looks like it is getting dirtier everyday? There’s only one way to find out!

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