WATCH: Building A Startup From Idea to Launch in Less Than Six Months


Amit Gupta made his name in the Indian startup ecosystem with his wildly successful and forward-thinking company InMobi. However, the company he founded with his college friends took months to launch, and years to convince the world of its use. But that was back before Gupta realised exactly what was needed to scale up quickly in the startup world.

After two years expanding the InMobi office in California, Gupta returned to Bangalore in mid-2017. Immediately, he noticed an inconvenience that had grown in his absence. His regular seven-minute drive had ballooned up to half an hour. Similarly, all of his colleagues had started coming in to work around 11 in the morning, rather than the previous normal of 9 AM.

Even worse, they all showed up to work disgruntled and stressed out. Before he left for America, Gupta’s team used to regularly have cheery (and extremely productive) meetings early in the morning. Thanks to their collective bad mood, productivity was was at a bare minimum all morning.

Around August 2017, Gupta hit upon a realisation. Not only was traffic a waste of time, but a waste of economic productivity across the country’s metros. Gupta immediately hit upon the solution of quick, green transport. Within six months, he had secured to an amicable release from InMobi, put together an experienced team for a new startup, and launched a bike rental company by January 2018.

You can also listen to this interview as a podcast here.


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