WATCH: Can India Compete With China?


The last few weeks has seen Donald Trump and America become increasingly hostile with the rest of the world. He is currently engaged in trade wars with China, Russia, India and even the European Union. The only nation to have escaped this warpath is North Korea, who have actually improved their relations with USA.

This relationship has been the butt of much satire across the world’s media, but it does underly one important geopolitical move. If North Korea is brought in the world market, their economic dependence (and thereby their political dominance) on China should reduce. The same phenomenon occurred in the 1950s and 1960s when Beijing pulled away from the financial and diplomatic dominance of Moscow.

In light of these changing geopolitical currents, perhaps there is a chance for India to increase its sphere of influence in East Asia? To find out, we got in touch with Deepak Shenoy, CEO of Capitalmind Wealth, on the latest episode of The Capitalmind Show.

China has been expanding its influence across South East Asia, the Indian Ocean and Western Africa in recent years. Through either diplomatic missions or political dominance, even traditional Indian allies like Maldives and Bhutan have been convinced to question their allegiance. Recently, China even suggested trilateral talks with India and Pakistan to countenance terror in the region.

Considering India is North Korea’s second biggest trade partner on the planet, can they leverage this relationship as America brings Pyongyang to the world table? Can India counter China’s sphere of influence in South East Asia, with their own sphere of influence in East Asia? Does India have the foreign diplomacy skills to achieve these ambitious goals?

You can also listen to this video as a podcast here.


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