WATCH: Does Oyo Have Any Chance of Succeeding in China?


It has been reported recently that Oyo Rooms is set to expand into China soon. in fact, there are suggestions that they have already been at it for a while, but have not publicised the fact as they were still running beta trials. Their Chinese adventure is to be funded and inspired by major investor Softbank.

This is not Oyo’s first venture abroad. In 2016, they opened in Malaysia, while the following year saw a launch in Nepal. Both expansions have proved to be relatively successful, as they have similar cultural and economic problems that beset the Indian hospitality industry.

The Chinese market does potentially provide a huge market for Oyo Rooms. They have a much larger (and growing) aspirational middle class that would love the combination of cost and quality Oyo provides. However, as the astute among you may have noticed, foreign startups rarely seem to thrive in China. Whether through buyouts, bans, or heavy restrictions, the government always finds a way to protect home-grown industries.

You can also listen to this video as a podcast here.


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