WATCH: How Is IoT Going to Change Your Job?


In the latest episode of CXO Leaderboard, leadership coach Bhavna Dalal travels to Bosch to understand just how the Internet of Things (IoT) is going to change the lives leaders across industries. She talks to Dr. Sieglinde Pfaendler, their innovation manager, and Udhay Prabhu, their general manager of IoT.

Dr. Pfaendler in particular has a special insight into how IoT can change the leadership styles and operational methods of companies – ranging from large enterprises to backyard startups. As an ex-academic, she realised that there was a major gap between educational theory and business reality. As such, she decided to jump headfirst into the world of Bosch to help bridge the gap from her unique perspective.

Both her and Prabhu believe that IoT is going to revolutionise the way businesses work. With increased interconnectivity and data sharing, building and scaling an idea will become simpler. Of course, this doesn’t mean it will become easier, as there will be increased players in the market looking to make full use of the new technology!

You can also listen to this interview as a podcast here.


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