Why ‘The Good Wife’ Is Hot Property On Both Netflix And Amazon Prime


‘The Good Wife’ (streaming on Netflix as well as on Amazon Prime) is one of the most-watched streaming shows in the world, all thanks to its ultra-real depiction of the intersecting worlds of law and US politics.

Why 'The Good Wife' Is Hot Property On Both Netflix And Amazon Prime

The show’s unique title is best perceived as a punch-in-the-dark, at the old dogmatism that defined the role of a woman in a powerful household. The series chronicles the difficulties of Alicia Florrick, as she struggles to find her voice in a world surrounded by corruption and daylight lobbying. She struggles to come to terms with the infidelity and pending prosecution of her husband (and State’s Attorney) Peter Florrick, who is facing charges for sexual misconduct and bribery.

Alicia’s survival instincts lead her to revive her knowledge of the law, as she starts off as a first-year law associate at an old college friend’s law firm (Stern, Lockhart and Gardner), as we (the viewers) are exposed to a whole new set of intriguing characters that operate, arguably within the confines of the law.

Why 'The Good Wife' Is Hot Property On Both Netflix And Amazon Prime

I started watching ‘The Good Wife’ at the behest and suggestion of my cousin, who returned to India in 2017 after a ten year stint in the United States. The show’s primary point of attraction for me, as explained by him, was the extremely evolved political infrastructure that supports elected officials and campaigners in the US. Unlike the draconian electoral system that Indians are accustomed to, ‘The Good Wife’ presents a direct (and admittedly, somewhat refreshing) view of US politics. And surprise surprise, the electoral machinery is not just robust, it is powerful enough to keep viewers hooked as they navigate through Alicia’s tryst with pro-bono cases, public defense, complicated criminal law, federal law, military law, and eventually the electorate itself. Without divulging too much of a spoiler, ‘The Good Wife’ is a complete package when it comes to exploring bipartisan rivalry (the constant and unwavering battle between Republicans and Democrats) in US politics.

Why 'The Good Wife' Is Hot Property On Both Netflix And Amazon Prime

On a side note, the show is also a big proponent of postmodern technology – starting with careful scrutiny of the early days of Bitcoin, the emergence of Ransomware threats, and more. The single connecting thread that keeps the momentum alive, is the unflinching desire to ‘zealously represent the needs of clients’ as demonstrated through continuous professionalism.

The Good Wife: Seasons 1 through 6 are streaming on Netflix. Season 1 to Season 7 (The final season) are available on Amazon Prime.


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